Travel Articles

Today we are very much dependent on mechanism. Life is moving very fast. Tourism seems to be an essential factor in our modern life. There are many of us who love to travel. It opens a scope for profitable business opportunities through the conduct of tours and growth of tourism.

Some people have a habit of writing down a travel account. There may be romantic, imaginative accounts of travel as in Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels and Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe. But these are mere fictional narratives, based on travels than travel accounts and have hardly any historical bearing. Writing travel articles may sound boring or useless for some. Though it may take some time, still I would say it is very much practical and functional.

Writing down all the facts of your journey will help you a lot when you visit that place next time. Even if you don’t, those travel articles might help others. When you will go through them after a long time, believe me you will feel as if you are visiting that place all over again through that simple article. Remember Wordsworth’s daffodils, where he revisits and enjoys that place through his inward eyes? We are not Wordsworth, so our inward eyes may not do miracles, but those simple travel articles will definitely do that for us.

Writing an account on your experience of traveling is very easy. Just note down the places you visited, the people you came across, the kind of food you had, their local festivals etc. Simple isn’t it?

Traveling too has its educative value. Only theoretical knowledge is not at all sufficient. Practical experience is very much essential. Traveling caters the ultimate essence of studies that is required for every person.

Travel articles can be written as a diary form. It is more interesting, not at all dull, inspiring yet informative.

To make full use of the time and money you spend on travelling it is enormously recommended that you should always go through other peoples travel accounts and should also write your own experiences. Only then your travelling is fully productive. As I said earlier it must be sounding very tired some and strenuous but next time when you travel just give it a chance and see how fruitful and dynamic it is. Go ahead and enjoy your travelling.

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